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Would you like to experience the comfort of home while enjoying the amenities of a hotel? Embark on a journey where every detail reflects your personality, offering you a truly immersive experience. It's like embarking on a journey within a journey.

Get ready, because the Mimood experience is coming to Valencia, revolutionizing the concept of hospitality.

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Mimood Aparthotels

Our Conceptual Hotels


Our hotels are designed to offer guests a unique experience. Mimood aparthotels aim to activate the senses, stimulate emotions, and create an environment that goes beyond mere accommodation. Each hotel will have its own distinct character and name, accompanied by a unique identity, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves.

Our hotels will create sensory engagement through lighting, music, and scents, crafting a multisensory experience. Inside, there will be spaces where you can study, work, or simply take a break according to your mood!

In addition, at Mimood, we are committed to environmental responsibility, aiming to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible.

Nuestro Hoteles Conceptuales​


Nuestros hoteles están diseñados para ofrecer a los huéspedes una experiencia única. Los aparthotels Mimood quieren activar los sentidos, estimular las emociones y crear un ambiente que va más allá de simplemente dormir en una habitación.

Cada hotel tendrá un carácter y un nombre diferente, al que también se le dará una identidad diferente, en la que el cliente podrá sumergirse de lleno.

Nuestros hoteles crearán implicación sensorial: a través de la iluminación, la música y los olores para crear una experiencia multisensorial. ¡En el interior habrá espacios donde podrás estudiar, trabajar o simplemente tomar un descanso según tu ESTADO DE ÁNIMO!

Además, en Mimood estamos comprometidos con la responsabilidad medioambiental, con el fin de reducir al máximo nuestro impacto en el medio ambiente.

Are you ready to be the protagonist of this journey and reconnect with yourself? ♥

Are you ready to be the protagonist of this journey and reconnect with yourself?

Discover Valencia

Valencia, a land infused with the scent of orange blossoms, is renowned for its rich gastronomy and as the birthplace of one of the most internationally recognized dishes, the Valencian Paella.

Valencia is famous for hosting massive and internationally renowned festivals, such as "las Fallas".

It is almost inevitable not to be infected by the joy that permeates the atmosphere while marveling at monuments that bear witness to Spain's history, from the iconic Miguelete and the majestic Cathedral declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site to the modern City of Arts and Sciences.

For Mimood, what really matters is you.

For Mimood, what really matters is you.♥

Conscious Lodging: We endeavor to provide accommodation that minimizes its ecological footprint while maintaining comfort.

Eco-friendly Experience: Our dedication to organic amenities ensures an environmentally conscious stay without compromising the quality and luxury you deserve.

Discover a completely new way of traveling, where comfort and environmental consciousness harmonize. At Mimood Aparthotel, every stay is a contribution to the well-being of the planet.

Welcome to your eco-friendly home away from home!

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Or, disconnect
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